Tutorials and Workshops announced

We are pleased to announce the tutorials and workshops that will take place on June 28th as part of the CARMA 2024 conference. These workshops are designed to provide participants with hands-on experience, practical skills and theoretical knowledge on some of the most relevant topics related to the use of Internet and Big Data in Economics and Social Sciences.

T1. Computational Text Analysis Methods and an Application for Theory Building focuses on enhancing understanding of text analysis methods, including practical application for theory building. It includes hands-on sessions and discussions aimed at both new and experienced researchers interested in the latest text analysis applications​​.

T2. Review of most popular Topic Modelling techniques will cover various algorithms for extracting topics from texts, highlighting their advantages, disadvantages, and suitability for different tasks and data types. It will also discuss evaluation criteria such as quality, interpretability, and topic diversity​​.

T3. LinkedIn data for Business and Economics focuses on using LinkedIn for researching company profiles and job posts, highlighting data mining and analysis techniques for business and economics research.

T4. Obtaining accurate Google Trends data will address accuracy issues with Google Trends data and establish good practices for its use in research. It includes theoretical explanations and a case study, aimed at researchers looking to improve their work with Google Trends data.

T5. Bibliometric Literature Review in the Era of Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities focuses on integrating bibliometric reviews with Big Data and AI to navigate the complexities and harness the potential of vast information landscapes for scholarly research. It aims to equip researchers with methodologies to improve literature review processes and explore the impact on theory and practice.