List of accepted papers

We are proud to announce the list of papers that the scientific committee selected for presentation in CARMA 2024.

Full papers

Google Trends Forecasting: Methodological issue of the youth unemployment forecasts
Fons Wijnhoven, Nathan de Bruijn, Robin Effing

Topic Modelling with Constructivist Grounded Theory: A Way of Big Textual Data Analysis for Theory Building
Eyyub Can Odacioglu, Lihong Zhang, Richard Allmendinger, Azar Shahgholian

Multilingual Monetary Policy: Unfolding Language and Policy Preferences of Swiss Central Bankers
Florian Schütze

Electoral abstention and information sources among undergraduate university students
Jorge Mora Rojo, Víctor Yeste, Eduardo Cebrián, José Manuel Tomás

On the Inference of a LASSO-type Estimator with Highly Correlated Variables
Chuanping Sun

Read between the headlines: Can news data predict inflation?
Alan Chester Arcin, Ellysah Joy Guliman, Genna Paola Centeno, Jacqueline Margaux Herbo, Sanjeev Parmanand, Cherrie Mapa

Boosting XGBoost – Using the Panel Dimension to Improve Machine-Learning-Based Forecasts in Macroeconomics
Johannes Frank, Jonas Dovern

Potential of ChatGPT in predicting stock market trends based on Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Ummara Mumtaz, Summaya Mumtaz

Vaccine voices in the digital sphere: a multilayer network analysis of online forum discussion in Taiwan
Jason Dean-Chen Yin

Using texts to measure proximity between firms
Alessandro Marra

Prediction of SMEs Bankruptcy at the Industry Level with Balance Sheets and Website Indicators
Lisa Crosato, Carlo Bottai, Caterina Liberati

The Invasion of Ukraine Viewed through Large-Scale Analysis of TikTok
Benjamin David Steel, Sara Parker, Derek Ruths

Analysis of the trend of tourist visits through photographs uploaded on social media
Myriam González Limón

TikTok vs. the Fourth Estate: Engagement With News on TikTok
Sara Parker, Ben Steel, Derek Ruths

Enhancing Stock2vec; Company Embedding Method Using Search Volume Intensity Exposures
Hyeon Jun Kim

The potential of Google Trend in estimating the absorption rate of European structural funds
Eleonora Pierucci, Giuliano Resce, Nicola Caravaggio

#SDG5 – Social Media Intelligence analysis of Gender Equality
Enara Zarrabeitia Bilbao, Izaskun Alvarez Meaza, Maite Jaca-Madariaga, Rosa María Rio Belver

A Methodological Framework for Examining Sociotechnical Imaginaries during the implementation of emerging theologies
Suania Acampa

In What is Europe Investing? A Text Mining Approach on Cohesion Projects
Emanuele Santangelo, Giuseppe Di Renzo, Giuliano Resce, Nicola Caravaggio, Laura Fanelli

Improving Accuracy in Geospatial Information Transfer: A Population Density-Based Approach
Virgilio Pérez, Jose Manuel Pavía

Maybe, Baby: The Situationship Phenomenon – Beyond Casual, Before Commitment
Aastha Arora, Khushi Srivastava, Geetha M

Structuring and extracting sustainability information from corporate websites SMEs: A pilot test on textile firms
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Ruiz, Ana María García Berbaneu

Can websites reveal the extent and degree to which a business’s values reflect national policy? A word vectorization approach
Stephanie Cussans Moran, Alexander Hogan, Beth Barker, Richard Woodall

From Crisis to Opportunity: A Google Trends Analysis of Global Interest in Distance Education Tools During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Priyanga Dilini Talagala

A multi-platform framework for nowcasting social phenomena: a case study for food insecurity
Bia Silveira Carneiro, Giuliano Resce, Giulia Tucci, Giosuè Ruscica, Nicola Caravaggio, Laura Fanelli, Agapito Emanuele Santangelo, Pietro Cruciata

Exploring Happy-for-ness and Schadenfreude Experiences with Sentiment Analysis
Roujia Feng, Kaiyang Qin, Wenrui Cao

Choosing the Right Words: the Effects of Trump’s Communication during the Pandemic
Marina Rizzi

Management Accounting and Digital Technologies: A Science mapping review
Adriana Barreto Carvalho, Patrícia Gomes, Patrícia Quesado, Shane OSullivan

Evaluating coherence in AI-generated text
María Olmedilla, José Carlos Romero, Rocío Martínez-Torres, Nicolas R. Galván, Sergio Toral

Unveiling New Insights From Textual Unstrructured Big Data in Politics Through Deep Learning
Francesco Pugliese, Angela Pappagallo, Ufuk Caliskan

Italian web debate about immigration
Elena catanese, Francesco Ortame

Augmenting the Italian Third Sector registry using non-profit organisations’ websites
Francesco Trentini, Carlo Bottai, Anna Velyka

Legal Paradigms as Theoretical Frameworks: a method for explaining the digital transformations of classical legal categories
Pedro Odebrecht Khauaja

Towards Intangible Value Quantification: Scope, Limits & Shortages of Artificial Intelligence applications
Salvador Domínguez Gil, Andrea San José Cabrero, Antonio Sánchez Gea, Pilar Miguel-sin, Gema Ramírez Pacheco

AI and Sustainable Development Goals: An Extended Value Attitude Behaviour Theory Perspective
Souvik Roy choudhury

Understanding Information Sharing of a Fast Fashion Brand H&M Regarding Sustinability
Mary Laureen Suttle, HaeJung Kim, Hsia-Ching Chang, Xin Wang

The Effect of Negative Emotions of Service Recipients on Negative Word of Mouth Marketing in the Health Sector
Bahar Çelik, Çağla Özçelik

Contemporary issues in Financial Technology: the role of the Internet.
Daniel Broby

Exploring the Dynamics of Online Video Game Communities: A Case Study of Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield
Vincenzo Miracula

Digitalisation – the Basis for Building an Agile Enterprise
Andrea Janáková Sujová, Petra Lesníková

Work Realities and Behavioral Risk Factors in Italy
Angela Andreella, Stefano Campostrini

Nowcasting food insecurity interest Google Trends data
Nicola Caravaggio, Giuliano Resce, Bia Carneiro

Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning in Portfolio Selection: A Hybrid Approach with Genetic Optimization
Chaher Alzaman

Enhancing Conflict Mediation Research: Introducing the Innovative Global Peace Actors Database (GLO-PAD)
Elisa D’Amico

Who Enjoys the Lion’s Share?: Unveiling Sentiment of the Media in Indonesia’s Presidential Election Using Large Multi-Language Model
Angga Wahyu Anggoro, Ani Tri Wahyuni

A Bibliometric Study of Stakeholder Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis in Crisis Communication
Homa Molavi, lihong zhang

Economic forecasting with non-specific Google Trends sentiments: Insights from US Data.
Florian Schütze

Exploring Enotourism’s Impact on Winery Competitiveness through Online Data
Jose Baixauli, Ana María Debon, Roberto Elias Cervello, Josep Domenech

Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management: A Bibliometric Analysis
Lihong Zhang, Saeed Banihashemi, Aiwen Rui, Song Chen

Maping Circular Economy in Spain with LinkedIn data
Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis

A Comparative Analysis of Companies Missing from the SABI Database through BORME Gazette Web Scraping
Xin-hui Huang Chen

The use of non-official data source for the analysis of public events: evidences from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022
Andrea Marletta, Alessia Forciniti, Magda Moretti

Male Supremacy Online An Investigation of Incel Ideology Through Qualitative Content Analysis and Active Machine Learning
Mara Theresa Weber

Data-Driven Strategies for Early Detection of Corporates’ Financial Distress
Fabrizio Maturo, Donato Riccio, Giuseppe Bifulco, Paolone Francesco, Andrea Mazzitelli

Violence Index: a new data-driven proposal to conflict monitoring
Elena Siletti, Luca Macis, Marco Tagliapietra, Paola Pisano

A scientometric review on green manufacturing systems for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
Jorge Naranjo Perez, Lihong Zhang, Xirong Li

The Algofeed project. A methodological proposal to assessing the effects of algorithmic recommendations on platformized consumption.
Gabriella Punziano, Alessandro Gandini, Alessandro Caliandro, Massimo Airoldi, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli, Suania Acampa, Domenico Trezza, Noemi Crescentini

Challenges in Upholding Human Autonomy through the Right to be Forgotten
Sadaf Zarrin, Irene Unceta Mendieta

The confluence of project and innovation management: Scientometric mapping
Lihong Zhang, Saeed Banihashemi, Yujue Zhang, Song Chen


Bibliometrics and Scientometrics of the Business Agility
Petra Lesníková, Andrea Janakova Sujova

Coordinating e-logistics services toward green economic growth in developed economies: the role of transport infrastructure and energy use
Mukut Sikder

Evidence of Critical and Creative Thinking: A Top-Down and Bottom-Up Research Methodology through Bibliometric Literature Review
Xirong Li, Lihong Zhang, Amir Rahbarimanesh

Approaches to Designing Complex Product-Service Systems: Past Achievements and Future Promises
Yiting Zhao

The Impact of Digital Economy and Industrial Structure on Green Total Factor Productivity in China
Jue Wang

AI Revolution’s Impact on the Future Labor Market in Selected Developed Countries: A Panel Data Analysis
Murat Ustaoğlu, Bilgehan Yildiz

Division of Functions between AI and NI
Guipo Hao

Do websites provide information about innovation activities?
Agapito Emanuele Santangelo

Viability of Artificial Intelligence application for real estate valuation of Data Centers
Salvador Domínguez Gil, Andrea San José Cabrero, Antonio Sánchez Gea, Pilar Miguel-Sin, Gema Ramírez Pacheco

Eliciting and Retrieving the Feedback-Loop. Exploring Elicitation Interview Techniques for Detecting Algorithmic Feedback on Social Media and Cultural Consumption.
Gabriella Punziano, Alessandro Gandini, Alessandro Caliandro, Massimo Airoldi, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli, Suania Acampa, Domenico Trezza, Noemi Crescentini

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in Digital Transformation: A Scientometric Approach
Lihong Zhang

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing in Health Sector: A Bibliometric Analysis
Çağla Özçelik, Bahar Çelik